Providing "Personalized Service" with Results

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Providing "Personalized Service" with Results
Direct:(604) 603-9760
Park Georgia Realty Ltd.
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Referral-Partner Program                       

Referrals from you, for your friends, family, collegues & associates are the llifeline of my business.  Should a sale complete*, as a result of a referral from yourself, then I will pay a referral (finder's fee) to you of $250.00, once the sale has completed.  Each time you refer another person to me, the finder's fee will increase by $100.00, so for the 2nd referral, you would be paid $350.00, the 3rd referral, $450.00 and so on.  Should you refer 6 people to me, where sales result with a 12 month period from the 1st referral's sale completing, then I will pay you a bonus of $1000.00 as well.  It is a win, win, win situation for us all.  Your referrals will be well looked after by myself, I get more business and you get paid a nice little bonus, just for entrusting your loved ones with me.  Should it be you who is selling &/or buying, that too will be treated as a referral.  The amount paid will be equal to where you are in the program.


Click here to download your hassle-free referral form and join those who are already reaping the rewards of my Referral-Partner program.  Don't wait to become a partner of mine.  Those who already have are loving it.
*Some limitations may apply.